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Tutorial Resources: Intersectionality

For my tutorials I always try to use different multimedia resources to help students understand and deepen their understanding of course materials. I like using multimedia because its more interesting than having students hear me talk the entire tutorial and frankly some people can convey topics better than I can. I especially like short visually appealing YouTube videos. In this post I share some public videos and resources I have vetted as effective resources for teaching intersectionality to undergraduates in social sciences

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My Q&A with ScholCommLab: Importance of Research Communication

I was invited as a graduate student guest speaker by Simon Fraser University’s Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies to speak about the importance of research communication at the Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies 2018 summer photo photo exhibition reception. Read my Q&A I did with ScholCommLab leading up to the talk on why I think research communication is important: here

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