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My Q&A with ScholCommLab: Importance of Research Communication

I was invited as a graduate student guest speaker by Simon Fraser University’s Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies to speak about the importance of research communication at the Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies 2018 summer photo photo exhibition reception. Read my Q&A I did with ScholCommLab leading up to the talk on why I think research communication is important: here

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Research Communication Tips

I have created two web pages based on the my experience doing verbal research communication as a graduate student. They contain non-discipline specific guidelines, tips, and prompts to help the reader think about the content and delivery of a presentation. I also provide specific-scenario tips and guidelines for competitive verbal research communication, such as the Three Minute Thesis Competition.

I draw upon experiences presenting my research to provide examples of how to approach structure and content. These pages are meant to be a resource for someone who is new to verbal research communication.

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What Grads Do: The Fascinating Culture and Economy of Sneakers

This is a link to an interview I did with Simon Fraser University’s student-led newspaper The Peak. I was interviewed by Youeal Abera on my anthropology graduate research that focused on the practices of sneaker reselling in Metro Vancouver.

The article contains sections of my in-person interview with Youeal that pertain to how my research has been received by academics and sneaker enthusiasts, how I have navigated my research site, and some of my reflections on sneaker consumption and my research.

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